Valera (valera) wrote,

Motorcycle diaries

I fscking hate dumb dogs!!!!
Couldn't get away from the bastard (bulldog) for like 10 min. whenever I'd look away, he'd try to bite me right away, same for revving the engine, same for anything except getting off the bike. When I got off the bike he got scared and moved away from me by like 8 feet. Then another problem: as soon as I tried to get back on the bike he wouldn't let me swing my leg over it, trying to bite it. I also couldn't get away on the damned street because in front of me was a stop sign, so I couldn't just speed up and bolt out of there, and i wouldn't be able to turn around fast enough because the street was too narrow!

Finally I raced him a bit (damn.. dogs can run pretty fast, haha) to the stop sign, the moron actually ran out into the road and started looking for cars, forgetting me for a split second. I had just enough time to turn around and get out of there; though, he did still run after me for a bit (through the bushes where he got stuck!)
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