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Another weird ass dream

I don't remember much of it because after it I woke up and went back to sleep; but here's what I do remember:

I'm taking a bus from what seems to be Pelham Bay station (trains, lots of busses) to Co-op city, and area in the Bronx where I used to live. I'm going to section 5 of co-op city a (this section is someone isolated from others), but for some reason I take a bus that first goes through all the other sections and then section 5. Because of this I decide to get out on the first stop in co-op and just walk to section 5; it would probably be faster that way. I'm going there to see a girl. I'm not sure who she is.. just someone I like. With me I have my camera (which is broken both in real life and in this dream) and a brick of metal (??!).

I get off on the first stop in co-op city and begin walking toward section 5. It's beyond difficult to walk with the brick and after walking 100 feet my legs are killing me; but I don't give up. I walk by a cop and he asks me something. I don't remember our short conversation, but at the end of it he's smiling and I on my way again. I'm about to cross a road and see that there's something weird going on on it. Some cars are trying to speed, others doing something else, seeming trying to cause accidents. Then another car speeds by with a guy crouching on its hood and holding a hose, pouring kerosine all over.

The situation starts getting dangerous as men come out of nowhere dragging barrels of kerosine towards me. They try to pour it on me but I fight back and make it splash it over themselves and over others. By now it's all over the street. I gather from what they tell me that they are doing this because I think I'm better than them, which they think is because I'm carrying the camera and the brick. Someone lights the kerosine, but they do it at some distance from me and I still have a little time.

By now only one of the guys is paying attention to me (or is able to. it's very dark all of a sudden. from daylight everything turned into night). I want to run away, and he tells me that I can if I leave the camera and the brick. If I don't, I'l have to stay. I think to myself that the camera doesn't work, and I've no idea why I'm carrying the brick. So I leave them both and run toward section 5. I manage to get to safety, and that's when I wake up.
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