Valera (valera) wrote,

Stolen from nick who stole it from....

Last Cigarette Last Wednesday at the bike repair shop.
Last Alcoholic Drink Saturday evening, wine during dinner.
Last Car Ride Friday, driving home.
Last Kiss Don't remember, probably Anna.
Last Good Cry Don't remember
Last Library Book checked out Don't use libraries much.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres I honestly can't remember (ditto)
Last Book Read "Six characters in search of an author"
Last Movie Rented Something a long time ago with Jenn
Last Cuss Word Uttered Fuck
Last Beverage Drank OJ
Last Food Consumed ham & soy cheese sandwich
Last Crush Ora?
Last Phone Call Boris probably.
Last TV Show Watched No idea, don't watch TV
Last Time Showered Sometime today
Last Shoes Worn Boots. Good bike shoes.
Last CD Played Don't play CDs. MP3's only.
Last Item Bought hm... don't remember. maybe paper towels.
Last Download My own Java class files.
Last Annoyance Amna calling me 'random'
Last Disappointment N/A
Last Soda Drank Don't drink soda
Last Thing Written Math HW
Last Key Used NJ Appt. key
Last Word Spoken "Goodnight"
Last Sleep About 14 hours ago
Last IM Amna
Last Sexual Fantasy Wha?
Last Weird Encounter Meeting people at SBU
Last Ice Cream Eaten Frozen Fruit Cake stuff
Last Time Amused Talking with Edgar about bikes and scooters
Last Time Wanting To Die Never actually WANTED to. Though, consider it often enough.
Last Time In Love IN love? Probably never
Last Time Hugged Probably with Anna.. a few weeks ago?
Last Time Scolded VERY long time ago, if ever.
Last Time Resentful A week ago. My drama prof is a bastard.
Last Chair Sat In My computer chair
Last Lipstick Used Not applicable
Last Underwear Worn fruit of the loom?
Last Bra Worn Not applicable
Last Shirt Worn Some no-brand green shirt.
Last Webpage
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