Valera (valera) wrote,

As if you didn't know I was insane.

Had a dream about my motorcycle.
Was riding down the road I usually take from the house I live in in LI to the Uni. After stopping to check something out (Maybe just for a stop sign, there are two on the way, but I don't think so.) it turned out that now my bike had metallic, centimeter wide wheels with sprockets. A little while later it also aquired pedals and a little colour display that was showing some sort of diagnostic info. So I continued riding on, for some reason only in first gear. I wasn't pulling at all on the throttle, but the bike still kept going.

After turning onto another street I saw that it now had many residential buildings and people walking around. I was now riding on the sidewalk looking around, getting into some person's way and having a short conversation with them. Then I decided that I wanted to turn around and go home. Instead of turning around on the sidewalk I turned to one of the openings in the building thinking I could ride through it and turn later. That was a mistake as it turned out to be some asian boy's room.

I turned back and was riding back on the sidewalk again when I was confronted by the person whose way I blocked earlier. S/he asked me to wait a little because they wanted me to speak to some authorities who were coming and run some tests on me. Two detective-like guys came, they were pretty friendly. They took out some sort of a device and I think they put it on my neck. Right away it started acting like a magnet between my hands and my head. I was using all my strength to keep my hands from hitting my hand, while the two detectives began fighting each other.

At one moment I think I was next to the detectives who were still fighting, and I used all my strength to try to break my hands out of the device' hold on them. I actually managed to do it, and as my arms swung away from me I hit one of the detectives. He dropped dead on the spot. Then everyone, including me, started congratulating the other detective.

After that I either don't remember much or I woke up. =)
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