Valera (valera) wrote,

d000d, gotta write something

I'm 22 now.
No need to wish me a happy birthday. It was happy, I had fun =)
On Friday we had a small party in Goose's (grammar police, do I leave the 's' out?) apartment in Brooklyn. I wanted it small because this way it was more or less my birthday party instead of being just a regular party which my friends have so often. Becky decided to make me happy (conscious decision?? =) and joined us for a few hours. tvbob and I stayed until 4 or 5 in the morning drinking, chatting about this and that, and figuring out puzzles with induke, Goose (Roma), and later Goose's apartment-mates. Then I dropped tvbob off at his place and drove back to Jersey.

Next day I went to a Turkish restaurant with my family at mid-noon. After that killed some time at home doing nothing on the PC, and at 5:30 rushed to the city to go to Spa88 with friends. Had an awesome time there. Then everyone went to Masha's house where we drank, played cards, listened to Hobbit play the guitar, spilled juice on Masha's laptop, had tvbob dress up as a woman and go outside and talk to people, etc.

From that I got home around 8am, slept through most of the day, woke up around 5pm and wasted all of the remaining time on the PC, right until now. Time to go to sleep =)

Oh yeah, almost forgot: I now have a DM (Driver, Motorcycle) license!!! Only thing left now is to wait for my bike insurance registration card to come in the mail (to my sister's in law address), pick it up, take it to a DMV office (probably in LI) and register my baby! =)
~Wish me luck and will the time to run along =)
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