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dudeeee, where's my bike!

Sleepering off in a few.
Tomorrow's Orientation Part 2 at 8am. Means I gotta get up at 5:30.. Such excitement (NOT! I may be excited about classes on Monday, but not this shit).
Oh yeah, did I tell you that classes start on Monday? :)
This morning I finally found a place I want to live at. It's 4 miles away from campus in a house of Olga Garcia, an around-fifty year old Hispanic (Uruguaian (sp?) ) woman. She doesn't live in the house herself, but rents it out to a few other students. The house is pretty nice, with a full kitchen and with washing/drying machines, etc. It also has a large back yard where I can keep my new bike!

I did some shopping a few days ago. Spent around $700 on a helmet (and an additional tinted face shield), chain (sooooo heavy! like 50lbs? dunno), and bike cover. Not to mention the $70 gloves I got a few days before that. Yup, gearing up :)
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