Valera (valera) wrote,

Past & Upcoming

Got a motorcycle permit a few days ago.
Went to Stony Brook orientation yesterday and registered for classes. Not all the best classes.. but gotta start somewhere (Pre-Calc, Bio, Low level comp class, 20th century drama something)

Telling my boss today that I'm quitting in 3 weeks.
Leaving with Jenn this Sunday on our Bahamas Cruise.
Registering for motorcycle RiderCourse that starts in 2 weeks and getting my motocycle license in a bit more than 3 weeks.
Don't know when I'll have time to buy a bike, since school starts on the 30th (two day second part orientation on the 28th)
So that's that... maybe I'll buy the bike before I get the license and just keep it somewhere...
Also, I urgently need to find a place to live in/around Stony Brook!
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