Valera (valera) wrote,

Serving Size

Serving Size 1/4 Package
Servings Per Container 4

Is what I bought in Chinatown today. Well, no; I bought Dan Hua Cake. But that info above is how much of it I bought! :)

It's a 360g package of about 60 cookies. Peanutty filling inside egg flour shell thingie. Very tasty :)

For lunch I decided to try something new, and ordered Mai Fun Noodles Wanam Style.
The waiter brought out a glass bowl with nothing but clear yellowish broth in it. He also brought two plates. I saw that one was full of thin, clear noodles, and the other had bean sprouts neatly placed in a circle near the edges of the plate. Then, in front of me, he poured the bean sprouts into the broth. Then he started clearing something else off of the same plate into the bowl, and I noticed that the plate had thin strips of raw meat on it which I thought were a part of the pattern on the plate. As soon as these strips hit the broth they started turning light brownish in color and were almost instantly ready for consumption. Last he poured the noodles from the second plate into what already looked quite appetizing.

And indeed, it was :)
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