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I've had this argument with myself countless times now.. and I can't make a decision, because neither would be the right one.

On one hand, I'm extremely tired of people, tired of caring and bothering to open up. It doesn't bring much of anything except maybe a momental entertainment.

On the other, and this is where my... intelligent(?) self pops up, if I close my self off from new.. experiences, new people, I won't learn anything new. That would be a great loss on the part of life's experience, I think. Computer geeks may understand me better on this one. For example: the best secured system is the one with the unplugged phone/lan line. Most useless one too, though.

But getting back to the part of me that screams about being completely sick with people, that sounds reasonable as well, doesn't it? All new encounters don't bring anything but disappointment.

Anyway, comments are welcome; Amuse me.

P>S> one of the arguments here is a very weak one, I realize that. But it stands due to the strong emotions attached to it.
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