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If you work with computers and read computer books, what kind of books do you prefer, how do you read them?

I've always disliked reading the huge paper-books. Most of the time you want to sit at the computer while you're reading them in order to be able to implement right away whatever you've just read about. But the huge books don't really fit anywhere, and they're just generally uncomfortable to hold.

Good ebooks on the other hand are always difficult to get. I have a ton of them; but I'm missing the ones I'd like to currently be reading (Though, I have their physical versions!)

Do you have any C++ ebooks to spare? ;)

On another note: If you were to write a program that would modify an existing program/act as its add-on (Succh as DeadAIM for AIM), what language would you use and .. what would you start with? :)
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