Valera (valera) wrote,

Adventures with Jenn.

#1: I usually post night shots of this place; but we were passing by and the weather was so nice that we decided to relax a bit by the water and take some photos.

#2: People keep asking who won.. I did :)

#3: Just a nice peekcha of Jenn

#4,5: Subway shootout -- Jenn

#6,7: Subway shootout -- Moi



#10: Salmon, in some sorta Fishy pastry :)

#11: Playground at a park in (?)Leonia

#12,13: Greens

#14: Attack of the killer trees

#15,16: Joe -- Silliness at the bar

#17,18: Joe, Alina -- Finger series

#19: Celebrating! I got my admission papers from Stonybrook :)

#20: Alina after coconut .. rum?

#21: Ghetto Fab 1

#22: Ghetto Fab 2

If interested, AIM me for the whole album (161 photos).
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