Valera (valera) wrote,

Supreme Court Preserves 'God' in Pledge

subj article

Ok, so the guy lost the case. Brief summary: his daughter, whose custody he does not have goes to an elementary(?) school where children recite the pledge of allegiance every morning. Since he's an atheist, he sparked up a huge case in which he is fighting to have the words 'under God' dropped from the pledge, because this violates the separation of state and church, as well as a bunch of other things (even though the kids are not forced to recite the pledge, since they are children and will not go against what everyone else is doing, this is religious indoctrination).

He lost the case because he does not have the custody of his daughter at the time when the pledge is being recited (he has her on the weekend or some such thing), so he cannot bring up a case in her name/defense.

My view on this: Shouldn't every atheist parent now start similar court procedings, assuming they have full custody of their children? ;)
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