Valera (valera) wrote,

Back from KSP

Peekchas from KSP

My first rain-free ksp! :)

For non-Russians (and possibly Russians) who don't know what KSP is, let me explain. KSP stands for... let me go look it up :) ok, so it stands for Klub Samodeyatel'noy Pesni (translation: Amateur Song Club). Even though it supposedly has this much to do with music, in reality it's 2000+ Russians taking camping equipment, food, and good spirits, and going to a large camping ground somewhere on the east coast (there are also KSPs in other parts of the world. they're all about the same, but i don't know much about them.) for all different reasons. I mostly go to hang out with all of my friends and to be/feel a bit closer to nature (not to mention amazing shish kebob that people make at KSP!). Some, usually older folks, come for the concerts at which the amateur artists perform. The concerts are kinda fun at first, but I get bored of them quickly (actually, this has happened to me even during non-KSP concerts. I guess I'm just not a concert person.)
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