Valera (valera) wrote,

A joke?

A guy in Paris sees a pit bull attacking a toddler.
He kills the pit bull and saves the child's life.
Reporters swarmed the fellow.
"Tell us! What's your name? All Paris will love you!
Tomorrow's headline will be:
"Parisian Hero Saves Girl from Vicious Dog!"
The guy says, "Well, I'm not from Paris.
"Reporters: "That's OK. Then the whole of France
will love you and tomorrow's headline will read:
French Hero Saves Girl from Vicious Dog!'"
The guy says, "I'm not from France, either."
Reporters: "That's OK also. All Europe will love you.
Tomorrow's headlines will shout:
"European Hero Saves Girl from Vicious Dog!"
The guy says, "I'm not from Europe, either.
"Reporters: "So, where ARE you from?

The guy says, "I'm from Israel."
The next day's headlines read:
"Israeli Murders a Dog, Leaves a Girl Bleeding!"
"Israeli Brings Violence to Paris: a Pet is Murdered, Girl Wounded"
"Israeli Attack: One Dead, a Wounded Toddler Rescued".
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