Valera (valera) wrote,

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's top-selling Bild newspaper on Friday welcomed the 10 new members to the European Union in its own special fashion -- with pictures of 10 scantily clad young women from the countries in question.

Continental Europe's biggest daily with 12 million readers, famous for its popular page one pictures of naked women, found 10 women in the new EU member states aged 18 and 25 to pose with little or no clothing to mark the EU enlargement to 25 nations.

"The new EU women are so sexy," wrote Bild in a headline over pictures of the nearly nude blondes, brunettes and red-haired women. "Hello, new neighbors!"

Bild published pictures of Polish ice cream vendor Anka, Czech customs inspector Stania, Hungarian hairdresser Victoria, Slovak nurse Jana, Lithuanian student Eliska, Latvian police officer Buba, Slovenian secretary Franziska, Estonian post worker Ekaterina, Carmela of Cyprus and Mona from Malta.
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