Valera (valera) wrote,


Lara (13:18:57): "its good to have professionals in every field"??
rand0m bits (13:19:05): LOL
rand0m bits (13:19:10): you read my journal???
Lara (13:19:14): no
rand0m bits (13:19:22): then where did you get that?
Lara (13:19:48): a web site
rand0m bits (13:20:02): what website? huh?
Lara (13:20:38):
rand0m bits (13:21:21): ok, how is that related to my quote?
Lara (13:21:34):
Lara (13:21:45): what YOUR quote??
rand0m bits (13:22:39): ok, this is what you said
Lara (13:18:57): "its good to have professionals in every field"??
rand0m bits (13:22:45): where did you get that text?
Lara (13:22:50): a web site
Lara (13:22:57): look this is getting annoying
Lara (13:23:04): do you want to talk about anything real??
rand0m bits (13:23:06): it's getting confusing, lol
rand0m bits (13:23:21): "real"?
Lara (13:23:23): did you read the article i sent you
rand0m bits (13:23:51): not yet.. is it something real? are you gonna tell me which site you got that text from?
Lara (13:23:56): yeah, what "your" quote are you talking about
Lara (13:24:07): i fucking told you!
rand0m bits (13:24:20): "its good to have professionals in every field" is what i said in my journal yesterday
rand0m bits (13:24:31): shhh, calm down
Lara (13:24:47): so
rand0m bits (13:24:58): the link you gave me doesn't have that text.
Lara (13:25:09): did you also use the word "the" in your "journal"??? yesterday?? or today??
Lara (13:25:20): thats another article
Lara (13:25:27): you are being very confusing
rand0m bits (13:25:31): lol
rand0m bits (13:25:32): ok
rand0m bits (13:25:33): wait
rand0m bits (13:25:54): you pasted a quote to me, with question marks
rand0m bits (13:25:59): what is that related to
Lara (13:26:00): uh huh
rand0m bits (13:26:05): were you asking something?
Lara (13:26:12): yes
Lara (13:26:15): do you agree
rand0m bits (13:26:24): LOL
rand0m bits (13:26:33): maybe. why do you ask?
Lara (13:26:49): but you didnt let me finish, you started telling me somethng about it being "YOUR" qoute
Lara (13:26:58): its something i read
rand0m bits (13:27:11): ok, so finish :-)
Lara (13:27:16): you dont want me to ask you anything any more, is that it??
rand0m bits (13:27:23): no, it's not it
rand0m bits (13:27:28): you're just confusing me
Lara (13:27:31): well then whats your problem?
rand0m bits (13:27:48): no problem, go on. what did you read?
Lara (13:27:59): IM confusinf you?? no no eto ty kakoyto bred nesesh
Lara (13:28:19): ya ne hochu bolshe ob etom govorit'
rand0m bits (13:28:24): ok...
Lara (13:30:09): ty pridumivaesh kakieto veshi i na menya bochku katesh
Lara signed off at 13:31:59.
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