Valera (valera) wrote,

wow.. my mother is simply amazing...

both her and my father know that when they're telling a story, i don't like to hear all the little details that have nothing to do with the point of the story; and yet they don't seem to realize that this somehow applies to them and that they should possibly avoid all the bullshit, especially when they're going to ask me for a favour that's somehow related.

so my mother says that she wants to ask me a question. she begins telling me how my gramma, who lives in israel, wants to be compensated by germany for whatever happenned during WW2. my mom goes on to tell me for the billionth time that her brother, the oldest in the family, was killed when he was 1 year old or something when a bomb hit a train my gramma was on. then my mom tells me how she filed some papers to the german courts/govmt. to ask them to compensate my gramma, she says that they denied my gramma any compensation, so she ripped up the papers. then mom proceeds to tell me that my granpa also filed these papers with some russian jews in israel, and that they don't know where those papers are and what happened to them. then she returns to telling again how she filed those papers.

all the while i'm ugring her to get to the fscking point.

after a bit more bs she says that now the german courts are saying that they are reconsidering the matter, and that they are giving her 40 days to appeal. she tells me that she will be writing the appeal tomorrow, and asks me if i could look at it afterwards and correct her grammar.
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