Valera (valera) wrote,

most beautiful day of the fucking week, and i'm stuck inside of this office, and then inside of a classroom, until 7+pm. :(

i want to go biking, or blading, or just doing something outside, with someone (!!! ;) )


aree came back from vacation. brought me a bottle of czech beer. we spend about half an hour trying to figure out what to use as an opener, then i opened it on a window frame.

oh, and amazingly enough, i finished the three papers i needed to write yesterday! yay me :). it wasn't that bad, actually. the only problem is that i hate pulling shit out of my finger! (*expects witty comments*)

the coming weekend is the Binghamton Ch?G?K? weekend. i better find the site and study the questions, i did horribly last time, even though my team won.
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