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just what shall i do...

had the talk with the boss. didn't get anything out of it.

he doesn't give a fuck about me wanting a raise and about his old promise to give me one because no one has gotten any raises and he can't do anything about it.

he's 'upset' with me because i come in late/whenever i want, i do homework on work hours, i stay late here accruing comp-time while waiting for class, and a buncha more shit.

so he told me to make a decision on whether or not i want to stay here. if i do, i have to get my act together and do nothing but work here, under a rigid schedule. if i don't want to stay here.. well, i'm obviously welcome to leave.

my choices/situation:
it takes me 1 hour during rush-hour and anywhere from 1:15 to 2 hours during any other time to get into work. it takes me another 15-20 minutes to get to my college from work. so... it would be a hell of a lot of trouble this semester to commute to school if i wasn't working here.

on the other hand, if i do continue working here, i won't have any time to do homework - night classes 4 times a week with me getting home anywhere from 9 to 11:30pm.

if i quit, i won't have anything to do during the summer (although, i could always look for some job and would probably find one; but who knows.) but if stonybrook (the uni i want to go to) accepts me, i'll quit this job before fall anyway, so i could go to school full time.

summary of pros & cons of quitting:
- more time for hw
- more time for any other activity (working out, reading, learning things on my own)
- less stress from this place
- lack of a boring job supports creativity and encourages learning
- forces me to look for a new job; better or worse, new is always good
- long commutes to a shitty college until spring's end
- lots of money spend on the commute ($90 a month for the bus + $70 a month for subway)
- obvious lack of income
- i heard (don't know how true this is) that it's more difficult to look for a job if you're unemployed

i can't really think of much else.

so, suggestions? :)
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