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Seldom Randomings of the Imp
здесь был я

This is where I live and the walk-path I take everyday (or almost everyday) just to stroll around here and get some fresh air. So that's what I was doing today, and while I was walking between P1 and P2 a minivan pulled out from the driveway of the house at P1, drove past me and stopped at P2, where a school bus has just pulled up. When I got to P2, a minute later, a woman of some 30-35 y.o. picked up her ~6 y.o. daughter, got back into her minivan and proceeded to drive around the block and back to her house. That's instead of walking ~200 meters up the road. And I mean, she wasn't fat or disabled or anything, and the kid was able to walk normally. I just... can't for the life of me figure out why someone would drive such a short distance on a beautiful day. They weren't in a rush anywhere either, the kids were playing in the yard when I saw them 2 minutes later.
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Browsing "Yahoo Answers". Stupid question of the day: How do I create a space in computer programming?

I just started using Yahoo Answers today. I was hoping google had something better, but it doesn't, so yahoo it is. Anyway, the format of the website isn't very good. The worst thing is that you cannot comment on the question and ask the poster to clarify their question, in case it makes no sense, like the question above. The only thing you can do is "answer" the question, and, as I understand, the OP doesn't have an easy way of responding to you.
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