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November 8th, 2008 - Seldom Randomings of the Imp — LiveJournal
здесь был я
[21:28] <enginepower> naughty?
[21:29] <Barack_Obama> stupid?
[21:29] <enginepower> huh
[21:30] <enginepower> lol
[21:30] <enginepower> why you have that nickname?
[21:30] <enginepower> are you black
[21:31] <Barack_Obama> why do you, are you mechanical?
[21:31] <enginepower> no
[21:31] <enginepower> i'm chemicel engineer
[21:31] <enginepower> stupid
[21:32] <Barack_Obama> you're a stupid chemical engineer? i see
[21:33] <enginepower> u just stupid to know any thing about my career
[21:33] <enginepower> so shut up
[21:33] <enginepower> dirty black
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