October 28th, 2007


I haven't written in such a long time. I feel like I need to update the journal, if not for my (un?)faithful readers, then just for myself, so I could have something to read 5o years from now (ha!)

I've been married for 4 months now. I often think that I'm very malleable. I easily adapt to any situation and soon after global changes I forget that there ever was any other way of living. This is good and bad at the same time. It's like being a goldfish with a 3 second memory span.

But this entry isn't about my memory :)

I'm happy being married. I think I finally found the person who can keep me happy and interested for a very long time. I mean, of course I've thought these things before about other women, but I've never dated anyone longer than ... 3 months. Actually, I started out with 3 months long relationships when I was in my early teens, and they have progressively shortened to ... even week-long relationships. And then Lera happened. She was living in Moscow, and after a week of chatting online we started talking on the phone. The conversations grew from 1-hour-long ones to sometimes longer than 12 hours. After two months of such conversations I went to Moscow and spent two point five weeks there with Lera. A short-while after coming back I brought up marriage. At first - as a means of being together. I wouldn't go live in Russia, but if Lera was willing to come here, that was an option. As time went on we became more serious about it and started wanting it for its own sake. I went to visit her again just after filing the fiancee visa application. A year and a few days after meeting online Lera's plane landed in JFK and a month later we were married.

And my mind continues darting from one topic to the next. I wanted to mention how I can't seem to force myself to be productive. I do anything to avoid doing any actual work. I can write here, I can wash dishes, I can watch movies..... and the two big projects due on Tuesday remain undone. But I did build a very neat trivia script for IRC.

I also miss my friends. Lera and I live in Long Island (NY). An hour+ away from the city and just as long from anything interesting. There aren't even any streets here where one could walk by the shoppes and buildings and.... We bought table tennis racquets but haven't found any places with a table to play. But of course I miss my friends for more reasons than just needing something to fill the void. Growing up is sad because you end up being stuck far away from people you love.