September 29th, 2007

so little time

i had an idea, maybe it's an impossible one, i don't know. some people wouldn't care for it, i guess because they're not a curious bunch, but i love to know how everything works and i think it would be amazing if this could be done.
it would involve creating a community here on LJ or maybe a website where people could post anonymously. and people would write about their jobs/professions. i mean, i really want to know what the job of a miner or a surgeon or a lawyer or a marketing director, or a cop, or a police chief, or a president involves. not just stuff like 'cops arrest people and presidents make decisions' crap, but everything about their work day, what they think about the people they work with, about things they have to do and about the people their work affects.
i want to know this because if it was easier i would try all of these jobs and i would know how and why things happen, but i can't. i only have one life-time and to know one job well would require at least half of it, and most people wouldn't even be able to get the jobs that are so interesting to know about.
what do you think?

amusing stupidity

some guy on lj recently basically told me that i'm: an insensitive fuck and that my userpic implies that i support terrorism and the deaths of N lives. after i told him that the headscarf is a normal thing to wear while traveling in the desert (which i was doing), he said that i was still being insensitive and stupid because most people associate these headscarves with terrorism and i should have thought about that.