February 4th, 2007

Support out troops?

Another great entry by one of my professors (whole entry here: http://rationallyspeaking.blogspot.com/2007/01/support-out-troops.html)

I'm getting a bit tired of the “support our troops” litany thatRepublicans and Democrats keep repeating like a mindless mantra. Mypersonal opinion may be (surprise surprise) a bit more distant frommainstream than even most critics of the war would find comfortable. Iactually don't support either the war or the troops. You see, unlikeVietnam, the current US army is made of “volunteers,” i.e. it isactually a mercenary army. Some of these people, no doubt, are therebecause of patriotism, as misguided as it may be. Others because theylike playing with big weapons and feel the adrenalin rush of being aRambo. Still more, probably, join the army simply because of the bribesthe government dangles in front of their eyes, ranging from paidcollege education to a cool sports watch (yup, you read correctly).Which means that “the troops,” by and large, have actually chosen to bein Iraq – hence, from my perspective – do not in fact deserve my“support” because they are partially responsible for what is going onthere. Of course, their level of responsibility doesn't even come closeto that of the “brains” behind the war, especially Bush, Cheney, andRummy; still, remember the famous question of the '60s: what wouldhappen if they declared a war and nobody showed up?