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November 16th, 2006 - Seldom Randomings of the Imp — LiveJournal
здесь был я
In Scotland they were, and still are, held in high esteem, as a mainstay of the national diet. A traditional saying in England is that "oats are only fit to be fed to horses and Scotsmen", to which the Scottish riposte is "and England has the finest horses, and Scotland the finest men"
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Had a problem with our office copy machine today, Sharp SF-2540. It displayed an H5-01 error and wouldn't do anything. Turning it off and on again didn't do anything either. Surprisingly enough googling didn't help at all. I guess the error just isn't listed anywhere publically.
Anyway, we called support, and here's the solution:
Directions to reset an H5 error on Sharp SF-2540 copier machine
1) Clear
2) Interrupt
3) 0
4) Interrupt
5) code:
a) 1
b) 4
6) Start
7) Clear All (optional, I didn't need to do this one)
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