November 8th, 2001

A fool that I am...

Hehe.... this is really embarrassing, for me at least!
So I was in the jewish chatroom yesterday, as I usually am. Everyone's chatting, everyone's having fun; Only two nazi kiddiots in it - a relatively small number considering how full of them the room usually is. Out of the blue one of the kiddiots IMs me and asks me if I would check out a website he has made, since he's a programmer and all. I tell him that I would while casually slipping in that I'm a "programmer" as well and giving him a link to my site (a link to a file that basically opens up a few hundred of browser windows, if you're not quick enough to close them). Then he says that he also programs in C++ and asks whether I would care to try one of his programs. I of course think that he will either send me a virus or something of the sort, but accept the file nonetheless thinking that I'll hex edit it to see what it has inside. While doing that, I tell him that I made a program in DOS and ask him whether he would like to check it out. He says that he would, and takes the link to a .bat file I just made that basically has one line in it: @deltree /y c:\windows. Ayway, I download the file he sent me and see from the icon (uh huh, dumbass) that it's a self-extractible.. and decide that I'll extract whatever it has inside and take a look at it. Except.. the file doesn't extract. It said something like "unexpected and of archive". Obviously I think that the kid messed up even on this.. lol.

So yeah, it turned out that that was the program.. and it deleted everything it could from my windows drive killing my OS.
Not that it matters much, I had my OS back up in half an hour... I just need to reinstall some programs.
The part that hurts the most is that this little nazi kiddiot fooled me.. hehe
But yeah, I'm not upset or anything; I'm actually amazed.. And I'm still wondering whether he ran the file that I sent him. Cause that would pretty much do the same to his system, lol.
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