November 5th, 2001

The Train

So I'm taking the train this morning. At first I'm aware of 3 people: two girls and a guy. All are somewhere between 23-25, all look good. The guy, by the way, is jewish.. since he has a yamaka(sp?) on his head. Anyway, one of the girls, the better looking one, starts eating a banana and I find it just so hilarious how the guy watches her almost with his mouth open and his saliva trickling down =D. And everytime the girls notice him looking, he looks away as if he wasn't looking at them at all; so innocent and all!

A bit later I hear these girls talking behind us. One of the girls says something like "And all this stuff with Afghanistan and Israel... Like Whatever! It's too complicated!" Me and the guy just start staring at her... Don't know what she thought. Maybe something like "Oh, they're looking at how cute I am.". But i definitely though something along the lines of "What a dumb fucking bitch.". Oh well.

That's all folks.
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I was wondering what was poking my leg the whole day today...

turned out to be a toothpick in my pocket! =D
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