September 27th, 2001

stolen from ilay who stole it from some carrie person

stolen from ilay who stole it from some carrie person (who probably stole it from someone else, etc.)

1. Your full birth name: Valeriy L'vovich Shukhman
2. What u like to be called: Val... duh! =]
3. Where you were born: L'vov, Ukraine
4. Screen name(s): Ice Cold Demon (and hundreds of others)
5. Nationality: Jewish/Russian/Ukrainian
6. Where do ya live? NYC/NJ
7. Do you live w/ both of your parents?? yuh huh
8. Who is the bigger dick (mom or dad)?? this one they share equally
9. Siblings: 1 brother who lives god knows where with god knows who.
10. Hair: Brown (mmm... i want silver highlights)
11. Shoe Size: around 11
12. Eye color: Brown
13. B-Day: September 18th, 1982
14. Zodiac Sign: Virgo
15. Pets: my nephew
16. Boyfriend/ girlfriend? Yup Yup
17. Crush? Had that before #16
18. The word u say the most?? they switch every month or so.. right now i think i'm into "duh"


1. Drink: Either ice tea or mocha
2. Food: Anything can be made nicely..
3. Type of food: Lotsa meat =]
4. Animal: dog or horse
5. dessert: cheese cake =D
6. Month: September
7. Holiday: don't like those
8. pie: american pie please
9. Number: 13
10. Magazine: Don't like those anymore
11. Day of the Week: Wednesday
12. Sport: hockey
13. Sport to watch: Dont watch
14. Place to be: Anywhere with Amna.
15. Name (female and male): Angela and... um... yeah, that's it!
16. Teacher: French social studies teacher in my sophmore year.. forgot his name
17. Poet: Robert Frost
18. Color: Green, Blue
19. Movie: Good Will Hunting
20. Type of Movie: anything really..
21. T.V. Show: boy meets world
22. Thing to do: rofl... download warez =D
23. Flower: tulips
24. Store(s): barnes & noble
25. Band(s): scorpions probably
26. Cereal: Crispix
27. Tree: the one that can be rolled up?

What Do You Think About......

1. Money: good source of calcium
2. Sex: was created to enslave humans
3. Ice Cream: none please
4. The Opposite Sex: God's successful attempt to create the most illogical creature to ever walk the earth =D
5. Friends: should be kept in case you are stranded on a desert island and get hungry
6. Best Friends: hmph
7. Your Mom: can cook some awesome things
8. Dad: is good at fixing/building things
9. Siblings: refer to #5
10. Grandparents: Got one left.. she's far far away... that makes me really really happy
11. Blue: All comptroller website themes
12. Orange: construction workers
13. Gray: default window colour
14. Black: eyes
15. White: institution for psychos
16. Green: weed
17. Pink: bubble gum
18. Red: blood
19. Yellow: #2 pencils
20. Mexicans: are a dime a dozen
21. African Americans: should live in africa or be called blacks..., otherwise i want to be called a European American
22. Native Americans: came from alaska
23. Asians: horney creatures
24. Hawaii: only 12 letters in the alphabet?? what??
25. Nevada: another hick state?
26. T.V.: is ok for news when my internet is down
27. Movies: suck lately... they stopped making good ones =\
28. The Internet: was made by al' gore... hahaha
29. Phone: never, and i mean NEVER use sprint pcs
30. Nature: is the main and only producer of weed
31. Music: is the best morning alarm
32. Cooking: is ok when you know what the fuck you're doing
33. School: is better in other countries
34. The Mall: has little kids pissing in parking lots
35. Junk Food: is for African Americans
36. Vegetables: Bush + Broccoli
37. Animals: like to hump legs and other parts of the body
38. Christmas: is awesome for online sales
39. Valentine's Day: hmph... i wanna go to cali!
40. Religion: is the best weapon

Have You Ever......

1. Smoked? yuh huh
2. Done Any Drugs? yuh huh
3. Drank? yupo
4. Ran From the Cops? ran with the cops! =)
5. Shop-lifted? sure
6. Called Your Mom a BITCH?? i think so
7. Was it to her face? maybe
8. Run over a Mexican? nut yet
9. Tried to Commit Suicide? uh huh
10. Gone Skinny Dipping? Nopers
11. Been In Love? yup
12. Had your Heart Broken? not really
13. Had feelings for someone who was "just a friend"? hm..... i guess
14. Went out with someone to make another person jealous? nope
15. Had sex with someone to make another person jealous? nope
16. Fantasized about your best friend's boy friend or girl friend? yup
17. Flirted w/ him or her? nope
18. Done anything sexual with him or her? nuh huh
19. Lost a friend to death? yeah
20. To Suicide? no


1. Dog or Cat? Dog
2. Mom or Dad? have those
3. Blue or Red? blue
4. T.V. or Movies? Movies
5. Movies or Plays? movies
6. Computer or Phone? Computer
7. Boy friend/girl friend or Playmate? an inflatable fuck buddy =D (j/k)
8. Having Sex or Fucking? sex
9. PARTIES!! or doing homework? Parties
10. Basketball or Football? football
11. Romantic or Comedic movies? both
12. Day or Night? Night
13. Apples or Oranges? kiwi
14. Being Barefoot or Wearing Shoes? shoes are better to fight in
15. Math or Science? mathematical sciences
16. Girls or Guys? Girls
17. power puff girls or pokemon? Go Go Power Rangers!!! (KIDDING!!!)
18. Adventure Parks or the Circus? AP
19. Doing Laundry or Doing Dishes? playng counter strike =D
20. Ford or Honda? mustang!
21. Truck or Car? car
22. Motorcycle or Van? uh...
23. Chocolate Milk or Regular Milk? Chocolate milk
24. one pillow or two? Two
25. loud or quiet?? right now quiet is good


1. Makes You Cry? not many people...
2. Makes You Laugh? people
3. Is Your Best Friend? hm...
4. Is Your Worst Enemy? Igor
5. Is Your Best Friend of the Opposite Sex? Amna
6. Is an Idiot? everyone
7. Do You Miss? Amna
8. Do You Worry About? Ilay
9. Do You Love? Amna
10. Do You See the Most? Antonnette
11. Is Fun? Alex

Who Was......

1. Your 1st Friend? Zhenia
2. Your 1st Grade Teacher? some fat bitch
3. Your Favorite Teacher in Elementary School? duh! some fat bitch! =D
4. The 1st Person You Loved? Lena.. kiddie love at 3 yrs. old =D
5. The Last? lovED? i still love amna
6. Last Person You Kissed? ahem............... >=)
7. Last Friend You Saw? Alex
8. Talked to? phil
9. The Last Person to Make You Laugh? antonnette
10. To Make You Cry? hmph... amna?


1. Describe Yourself in 3 Words: pale white fucker
2. If You Had to, What Would You Say You Are Obsessed With? computers
3. Describe your best friends in 3 words: weird fucking friends
4. What is He or She Obsessed With? sports, books, electronics
5. If You Got Caught Cheating, Would You Deny it or Admit it? me? caught? lol =D
6. Do You Work? yuh huh
7. What's On Your Mouse Pad? Office of the Comptroller
8. Do You Love Your Parents? yeah
9. Do You Like to Party? sometimes
10. If You Could Be Anything, What Would You Be? a dildo (j/k)
11. If You Could Have Any Job, What Would You Do? sysadmin
12. If You Could Walk Around Naked, Would You? Sure
13. If You Like Someone, Do You Tell That Person? yupo
14. If You Could Have Sex With Anyone, Who Would it Be? send applications to =D
15. If You Could Kill Anyone, Who Would it Be? Bin Laden =)))
16. Are You a Lefty, Righty, or an Ambidextrous? righty
17. What's In Your Room? lots and lots of expensive equipment people, come and rob me!
18. What's On Your Walls? windows
19. What's Under Your Bed? porn mags

ARE YOU.....
1. smart? probably not, people lie!
2. goodlooking? if bald and fat is goodlooking...
3. humorous? yeah, all the frogs laugh at my jokes
4. adventurous? yup, trips to the bathroom all the time
5. claustrophobic? nuh huh
6. responsible? yup
7. independent? once in a while
8. shy? sometimes
9. self concious? very
11. naked right now? wacking off in my cubicle
12. nosy? yup
13. happy? yup
14. sexual? you mean horny?
15. a nut job? nuts are yummy
16. creative? with some things
17. destructive? very
18. lonely? not really
19. tired of doing this shit?? heh...
20. sarcastic? yup
21. romantic? yup
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