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a survey from babyraver

1)Starting: 10:09pm
2)Name: Val
3)Nicknames: Val, russian bastard, brat, vampire boy
4)School: dropped out of lehman HS
5)Email: you@should.know
6)Eyes: brown
7)Height: 6'0"
8)Siblings: an older brother
9)Been so drunk you blacked out: Once, i was also incredibly high.. so i don't know what did it.
10)Missed school b/c it was raining: Missed school just because.. that was never a problem
11)Set any body part on fire for amusement: burned the top side of my palm with cigarettes
12)Kept a secret from someone: Of course. Doesn't everyone?
13)Had an imaginary friend: nope.
14)Wanted to hook up with a friend: yup.
15)Cried during a Flick: Yes... or almost cried, not really sure. definitely wet my eyes.
16)Sprained any part of your body: don't think so
17)Ever thought an animated character was hot: yup yup.
18)Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape: nope
19)Prank called someone: i don't really enjoy pranks. i think i might have done it when i was like 5 or so.
20)Been on stage: yup, in a few holiday plays


21)Shampoo: head and shoulders, prolly
22)Soap: anything my mom buys
23)Colour: silver
24)Day/Night: either
25)Summer/Winter: fall
26)Online Smiley: =)
25)Lace or satin: satin...?
28)Cartoon Character: batman (young guy) in batman beyond.
-------------------in General--------------------

29)Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: nope
30)Like anyone?: yes, marina
31)Who have you known the longest of your friends: probably marina, as well
32)Who's the loudest: not sure, i don't have many loud friends.
33)Who's the shyest: not many shy friends, either.
34)Who do you go to for advice: used to be aree.. maybe marina or jenn

------------------------the last time you------------------------

35)Cried: not sure. wasn't long ago. i get sad, sometimes.
36)cut your hair: few weeks ago.
37)Been mean: not sure.
38)Been sarcastic: Always
39)Met someone new: today.
40)Talked to someone you have a crush on: today.
41)Missed someone: Right now.
42)Hugged someone: yesterday.
43)Fought with your parents: physically, long time ago. verbally, all the time. not faught, just told them off. i don't waste my time on arguments with them, anymore. then again, i don't waste my time on arguments(serious ones) with anyone anymore.
44)Wished upon a star: never
45)Laughed until you cried: long time ago.. a year maybe?
46)Watched a sunrise/sunset: yesterday, from george washington bridge. it was beautiful.
47)Went to the beach at night: long long time ago. i don't go to the beach often
48)Ate a meal: few hours ago
49)Are you lonely: alone.
50)Are you talking to someone online: aree
51)what do you like?: books

-------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-------

52)God/Devil: no
53)Love: yes
54)The Closet Monster: the blow up doll, that is?
55)The Big Bang Theory: it's a theory, not something to be believed in.
56)who named you: my parents?
57)Favorite Band?: scorpions.
58)When is the last time you went to the bathroom: sometime today
59)What was the last thing you said online: sure, thanks =) (to a guy offering me free hosting anytime i needed it)
60)What is sitting right next to you: my micron tower.
61)What is your computer desk made of: that fake wood thingie.. forgot what it's called.
62)What are the last 4 digits in your phone number? 1369? why would anyone ask that?
63)What was the last thing that you ate?: split pea soup
64)Where would you go on your honeymoon: to the honey covered moon
65)who do you want to spend your life with?: i don't know. i trust people less and less with each passing day.
66)How many buddies do you have on your list: 139 on AIM
67)How's the weather right now: cold
68)Have you ever smoked pot: yes
69)what did you do last nite?: went to the movies with ilay and melissa. saw birthday girl, it sucked.
71)What are your favorite type of shoes: kenneth cole
72)How do YOU eat an oreo?: i don't like cookies.
73)All-time favorite tv show: saved by the bell
74)Dream car: HumV
75)What are your future goals: Fall in love.
76)Favorite music: what's with idiotic music questions all the time? figure it out from my favourite band.
77)Favorite food: asian.. mostly asian cousine.
78)Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting
79)Favorite days of this year?: today
80)Are you too shy to ask someone out: sometimes
81)If you could change your name, what would it be?: Val
82)Have you ever been in love: not sure, maybe.
83)What is the stupidest thing you`ve ever done?: none were stupid =)
84)your first son's name going to be?: jerk
85)First daughter: bitch
86)Favorite drink: anything at starbucks
87)Scary or happy movies better: Happy
88)On the phone or in person: In person. I hate talking on the phone.
89)Lust or Love?: love
90)If you could change something about yourself: nothing
91)Do you consider cheer-leading a sport: sorta like acrobatics, i guess. yes.
92)Do you want your friends to do this survey?: don't really care.
93)Time done: 12:07am
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