Valera (valera) wrote,

dude, i feel like posting something!

everyone i talked to about heaven last night said that now they remember why they dislike heaven so much.

i think the place itself was alright. lots of room, ok stage, good music (whatever i paid attention to).
the problem was with the cost of the drinks ($10 for a tiny, badly mixed LI), bad quality (whatever you got reaked of vodka.. russian club, eh? :]), and the amount of time it took to get them (around 20 min).

so there you have it. the hypocrite diaries :) no, really, me drink? no way! :)

Becky looked amazingly beautiful. (shhh, pretend i don't know that you read this :P)
we danced a little; but unless i'm drunk, i always have a feeling that i look like a complete idiot while dancing.

Becky left around 11:30. I stayed a bit to wait for marina and give her a ride home; but she was staying past 1am (i needed to wake up at 6) so i drove boris home and then ilay and i went to my place.

( peekchas from mega reunion can be found at your local super market! )
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