Valera (valera) wrote,

Pleasant surprise

Just checked my bank account and was very pleasantly surprised. I thought I only had about 2K on it, because i spent a lot last month; but as it turns out, i have bunches more. Maybe it's a good idea to not visit the account info for a while, let it grow even more :))

Okay.. now let's go check my current CC balance. This will most likely be proportionately unpleasant. Oh well.

In other news, our C++ prof gaves us the syllabus for the semester. According to it the course will barely cover what I've learned in a week about half a year ago when I picked up a C++ book on my own. Here's the outline:
  1. Develop basic programming skills in C++
  2. Understand a C++ program development environment (Visual C++)
  3. Use input/output statements and different data types in C++
  4. Understand arithmentic operators, logical operators and relational operators
  5. Use if, else/if and switch selection structure, while, do/while and for repetition structures to execute statements in a program repeatedly andbreak and continue program control statements.
  6. Create new functions and understand how to write and use functions that call themselves (Recursion)
  7. Understand how to use array and pointers, and to understand close relationship among pointers, arrays and strings.
  8. Understand basic struct definition and class definition.

Another sleepful class, eh?

Does anyone have C++ How to Program (4th Edition) by Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel? I'll buy if you're not charging too much :)
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