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Had a great weekend!

Spent one of the best weekends in Binghamton.
We didn't do anything overly exciting (save for my car's battery dying, and 5 people, my friends and I, gathering around it, giving each other directions on how to attach the battery clips); Nonetheless, Lyuba made the whole weekend ... very pleasant, and made me see some things in a different light.

Welp, it's late (we got home an hour ago, drank some tea, talked a bunch, but if i don't finish this post, i'll never go to sleep - i have 3 hours left!), so I'll finish up. I don't know if it's possible for anything to ever reach perfection, and I'm not sure how much that perfection would be appreciated once reached, but if things continue going in their current direction, I will be very happy. I have good friends, and I think I have a girl I'm very happy with; the rest is easy :)

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