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Love life? ugh!

There's a new development with Marina. We talked about our relationship few weeks ago and came to the conclusion that all we did was flirt with each other and tell silly jokes, that's after so many(around 5?) years of knowing each other.. we really don't know much about what we have beneath the surface.

So little by little we started opening up to each other, revealing more and more truths. I'm truly amazed at how opinionated Marina really is. I'm sad to say that before this I did think that she was very smart, but more in a way of book smart and not anywhere into political, philosophical, et cetera topics.

Yesterday we got to talking about our relationship again, maybe on a more serious note. The conversation started out with me asking what she thinks of the idea of me coming to visit her(she lives in CA) on the weekend after v-day. We both agreed that it's not a good idea.. even though I argued a little, mostly for the sake of arguing (as i usually do =D). Also, she said that she'd like us to set some boundaries on how far we go in our "harmless" flirting online. I agreed with that. Mostly because I would like to get to know her better, without attraction/lust intefering with anything. Funny though how I got an IM from her in my away box, saying something along the lines of "Oh, I love you and it sucks so much that we can't/are not together!". Welp.. amazingly, I agree with that, as well.

Also spoke to Amna. Few days ago I decided to be just friends with her, not just on words, but emotion-wise as well. Argued a little over the article that I posted before of the guy saying that John Walker was raised improperly, etc. She was basically infuriated with the guy who wrote the article because it's extremely biased and is aimed to be propaganda like to control people's emotions. Except when I asked her whether she was angry at Bin Laden doing the same thing with muslims all over the world, she said no. Case closed, she's just as biased.. except in the other direction.

Marina, if you don't want me posting stuff like that about our conversations or what messages you leave for me in the morning, let me know =)
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