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whine whine whine, correct

my cellphone connection is fucking faster than this office shit today!

ugh! ok, a lot of pissed off posts lately, right?

i don't know, i'm tired. i hate how procrastinative i am. i hate my math class, i hate it that i have to write a paper until monday, and then 2 more papers until the 19th.

i hate this job, because i sit here and do nothing all day. i feel shitty about doing anything productive for it because it won't be appreciated and because i'll still be getting my shitty 32 a year!

um... what else can i whine about? relationships? hahah.. surprisingly enough, i'm sorta fine about those right now. i'm single, a bit attracted to a few people.. not sure where that'll lead.

ok, let's see... maybe creating some sort of a strict schedule for myself would work. like.. not staying up past midnight, not matter what i'm doing, and doing homework whenever i have free time.. and doing something productive the rest of the time, instead of playing games, browsing LJ for anything even remotely interesting, and munching on chocolate, lol.

alright, well, time to go home. adios!
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