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Reality and the Matrix

Soon after the first Matrix came out, everyone started saying things like "we could be living in the matrix and not even know it. all we see and feel right now could be just an illusion". Essentially what they were doing was adding a virtuality element into the reality, the one that is present in the Matrix.

Ironically enough, there is no need in this virtuality element to turn us into a Matrix. Think of our society - we are constantly fed propaganda and stereotypes, we are told what kind of things are natural and how they should be, what is moral and immoral, what looks cool and what doesn't, we're even taught that everything tastes like chicken ;).

Why is all of this being done? To channel our energy in the "right" direction, to make us into mindless zombies who think that they are leading perfectly normal lives.

Whilst this certainly is no virtual illusion and no machines directly tap into us for our energy, the concept seems to be nearly identical.

Up for debate/thought: Is a society without brainwashing and utilization of its members' energy possible, or does this go against the innate definition of the term?
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