Valera (valera) wrote,

Moron Chronicles

rand0m bits (0:07:39): hi :-)
Surf N Sun 18 (0:07:52): who r u
rand0m bits (0:08:19): hm... i am... george bush
rand0m bits (0:08:23): senior
Surf N Sun 18 (0:08:31): umm whatever who r u?
rand0m bits (0:09:04): i just told you
Surf N Sun 18 (0:10:34): howd u get my SN?
rand0m bits (0:10:52): through my connections in the CIA... duh!
Surf N Sun 18 (0:11:06): leave me alone
rand0m bits (0:11:26): i can't. we have serious business to discuss
Surf N Sun 18 (0:11:56): i dont have serious buisness with anyone
rand0m bits (0:13:02): but you will. you see - i strongly believe that my son's current wife does not suit him
rand0m bits (0:13:09): and i am here to make a proposition

Surf N Sun 18 (0:13:23): okay shoot
rand0m bits (0:13:44): i would like to get rid of laura, and put you in her place
rand0m bits (0:13:54): shooting will be done in the process

Surf N Sun 18 (0:14:12): who r u?
rand0m bits (0:14:28): shhhh! i'm george bush
Surf N Sun 18 (0:14:30): i hate when people i dont know IM me
rand0m bits (0:14:37): you must know me
rand0m bits (0:14:44): i was president before mr. clinton

Surf N Sun 18 (0:14:49): and i dont know u therefore leave me alone
Surf N Sun 18 (0:15:03): youre an annoyin fuck..get a life

rand0m bits (0:15:32): you will pay for your words, you infidel!
Surf N Sun 18 (0:15:56): fuck off
rand0m bits (0:16:10): hold on. my helpers are on the way.
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