Valera (valera) wrote,

whoever said that you cannot be bored while procrastinating was a pure moron.
i'm procrastinating, i'm bored.
i'm also very yawny, upset, and confused.

ooo, i created a new group on my AIM buddy list. it's LLF. anyone wanna guess what that stands for? :D

i need a vacation! hm... i made a $274 deposit for the Israel trip. if i go, i get the deposit back, if i don't, i lose the money. isn't that funny? free vacation but unfree unvacation :) but yeah.. i wish i could go somewhere else.. like to New Zealand! waaaaaa!!! i mean.. i don't mind going to israel, but it looks just a bit scary right now.

so.... who wants to cheer me up? =\
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