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Colorgenics Test

Took a personality test based on colour selection at
My test results are below. For those of you who think you know me well, read through the results and comment on which parts you agree/disagree with.

You feel that everything is going against you and you are worn out and exhausted by all the conflict and quarrelling. You are trying to protect yourself but at the same time you are hiding your feelings hoping, that by so doing, you can avoid exposing yourself to attack. Hopefully this will give you the chance to get on with your life. Nevertheless, you should be very careful to try to avoid stirring up any opposition which might endanger your plans.

You are need of rest, some peace and quiet. You feel the need to be close to that someone special .... that someone who can give you that special consideration and unquestioning affection that you seek. If you don't find that "special someone" and resolve your problems very soon .. you are liable to become extremely introverted and cut yourself off from society.

Being a very proud individual you tend to hold yourself aloof...pretending that you are stoical...indifferent to pain and pleasure...but this is not so, for in truth you are an extremely emotional individual, one that may make a hasty decision...and perhaps regret it at leisure. It is time now to break the bond of detachment and be the "you" that you would like to be, give vent to your emotions and enjoy yourself.

All of the stress and strains resulting from disappointment have led to agitation and anxiety. You have been going out of your way to make a good impression, but you have reservations as to the likelihood of succeeding.You feel that you have a right to accomplish all that you set your mind on - but you have become helpless and distressed when circumstances have gone against you. The idea of failure is most upsetting and this can even mean utter dejection. You see yourself as a scapegoat ... and you feel everyone in your sphere of influence has tried to take undue advantage of you. You are trying to convince yourself that your failure to achieve standing and recognition is not of your making ... but indeed of those around you ...

You are moody and depressed at this time but it will pass. All of your hopes and dreams seem to have gone astray .. and you are fearful of planning further for the future. Disappointment at the non fulfilment of your hopes and the fear that to formulate fresh goals will only lead to further setbacks have result in considerable anxiety and you try to escape from this by withdrawing into yourself. But that is not the answer .... You have the power to succeed. Believe in yourself... All is possible to him who believes ....
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