Valera (valera) wrote,

microsoft bashing, people's laziness, becky, and leaving bags at (russian) bookstores.

Lez see...
Yesterday started with me going to to an IBM seminar on their WebSphere 'platform'. T'was a first seminar of such magnitude that I've went to. The session was held in the Imperial Ballroom of Sheraton hotel in midtown Manhattan. They served breakfast and lunch. For breakfast they had a number of different pastries in addition to coffee, tea, juices, and starbucks drinks. Lunch, unfortunately, did not have any hot meals, but instead was full of salads and different kinds of cold cuts. The actual seminar had horrible speakers (who I don't think were used to a crowd of 200-300 people,) comparison (microsoft bashing) between MS .NET and IBM's WebSphere, and a silly advertisement of linux (e.g. "it's so cool 'cause the licenses are free and it's open source which means it's free and you can install it on as many machines as you want because it's open source and the licenses are free")

After the seminar I needed to go to Brooklyn for an interview for the Birthright Israel trip i'm planning to go on in January. I was supposed to have the interview at 5:45. Not wishing to be late, I came there at about 5:10, only to find an abandoned-looking empty building, with little girls' ballet classes on the 5th floor. I figured I'd wait until 6-something because I wanted to hang out with Becky in Bk afterward, anyway. After I lost all hope for anyone showing up, a fat Russian guy with a yamaka appeared out of nowhere at 6:10, apologizing for being late, and took me to one of the abandoned looking rooms in the building :). The interview was silly. He basically told me the same stuff I've heard from my friend & trip organizer Marina and read on their website.

After the interview I needed to some time before Becky came, so I went to St. Petersburg - a large Russian book store on Brighton. They have a policy for people to not cary bags with them in the store (supposedly, so that no one steals anything.), so I handed in my bag and went to the sci-fi section to find something I haven't yet read. I got two books, two CD's and a budenovka (click for image. looks kinda like that, except the one I got is dark blue with a large russian star in front.)

Becky came at 7 o'clock. We hung out on the boardwalk a little. She told me about all the jobs she has and what she does. A bit later we went for a game of pool, which I lost by getting the 8 ball on the last shot in the wrong pocket :). Then I walked Becky to her father's office (a few blocks from brighton) and went home afterward.

This morning I found that the folder I had in my bag, with a few papers that had my name, SS#, passport #, etc. is missing. My guess is that the book store's no stealing policy doesn't extend onto the store's clerks. Hmph... The moral of the story is to not leave your bags with valuable stuff anywhere, especially not in Russian stores :)

Anyone know what can be done with that information? Anyway to fix the mess?
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