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KSP - Fall 2003

got into a car accident on friday, about 150 miles away from home.
a drunk guy smashed into the back of my car at around 70mph while i was stopped..
and since i was going to a mass camping thing (KSP) with my friend and a ton of bags.. well, we just had our friends pick us up from there and went on to camp through the weekend.
i'm okay. i've just been getting slight headaches a lot. i'll most likely get it checked out tomorrow

yup, that's the whole update

while i was gone, Becky sent me a very sweet IM, which made me really happy when i got back :)

the KSP was rainy, cold, but fun as usual. met bunches of fun new people, hung out with alina (always a major plus). met her bf's dog - who is the most beautiful creature in this universe, and i'm not kidding. it's a siberian husky that looks like a wolf and has ice blue eyes
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