Valera (valera) wrote,

Update from Express Delivery

Well, now that I feel a little calmer & happier (about finally getting my new cell,) let me tell you about yesterday :)
I was waken up by the door bell exactly at 10am - two hours later than I'm supposed to wake up for work. That's because, like a good boy, I stayed up until 3am chatting with Becky :)).
I quickly put on my jeans and ran to open the door. It was the UPS guy with two packages for me. I figured it was the cellphone (though, not sure why 2 packages,) threw the packages in my backpack, quickly got dressed and went to catch the bus to work.
On the bus I opened one of the packages and surely enough, it was the cellphone. SIM Card and everything. After putting all the parts (yeah, tons of 'em. you know, the SIM, the battery, the backplate :D ) together, i tried dialing a number. Instead of normally connecting to it, it dialed TMobile customer support (as I pretty much expected. activation and shit.) I hung up, wanting to first see what's in the other package. It was ANOTHER CELLPHONE! So now I called the customer support myself (by just dialing a random number.. who cares, all roads lead to hell (which is customer support).) I told the tech that they made a mistake by sending me two phones, and that one of them, the one i was on at the moment, needs to be activated. She connected me to the activation center where they told me that since i ordered the cellphone by phone, it would be activated by default. They dismissed my question about the possibility of the 2nd phone which i didn't yet turn on being the activated one, saying that it didn't matter which one was activated - and they hung up. Well, that conversation didn't see to get me anywhere. I figured I'd call 'em when I got to work.
Which is what I did. I explained the situation again. They guessed that since I suspended the service when I lost the phone, it needed to be unsuspended (really??..) "It would be unsuspended within two hours", they said, "And if it's not, call us again". I asked about sending back the 2nd phone, and whether they would reimburse me for the postage. "Yeah, send it back. No, we don't reimburse for the postage." .... "What do you mean you don't reimburse for the postage?? I didn't ask for the 2nd phone!" I exclaimed, more in shock than anger. "Well, get the receipt for the postage and fax it to us. We'll credit your account." Alright, I waited 2 hours for my phone to be unsuspended. Obviously, no such thing happened. I called them back. Another new tech, with a huge sense of self pride, told me that "The unsuspending could take two hours, or it could take 24 hours. You need to wait!" Ugh! "Well, what do I do about the 2nd phone??" - "Send it back" - "And you'll pay for the postage?" - "No... we don't do that" - "Oh, and I do that? I didn't ask for the 2nd phone!!" - "Alright. You can bring it to a TMobile store, and they'll send it back for you free of charge." "Uh... okay". Well, it's lunch time. Let's go send one of the phones back, and get a case and a car adapter for the other one.
At the TMobile store, they told me that for some reason the support people send a lot of the customers to them to send back their stuff, but that the stores don't actually do that.. and they can't do anything.
It was 4 hours after the supposed unsuspension when I got back to the office. Again, on the phone, ready to murder someone, I told a new support guy the situation. This guy turned out to be the gold of their whole team. He realized right away what I suggested in the morning may have been the case. They phone activated by default was the 2nd phone they send. He quickly changed the activation the the SIM card of the phone I was using (it took effect right away), and told me that he worte down in the case file that I will send them back the phone and they would reimburse me for the postage.

So woohoo! I actually like this phone.
Oh, and I'm probably having lunch with Becky in an hour or so!! :D
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