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ALERT!!! --=| Personal Update |=--

Becky and I had our first "date" last night. Although, I'm not sure if something can be classified as a date if there isn't much romantic intent.

Yesterday morning began with me feeling shitty - sore throad, dizziness. I think it's from me visiting a friend's house who has a cat. My shittiness usually depends on how much a cat sheds. Sometime mid-day I got an email from Becky saying that she woke up with back pains, and that she wasn't going to be online during the day, because she has to study. Though, she said that if I still wanted to do something in the evening, she would be fine with that. We decided to catch a 8:10 showing of Underworld.

Fortunately enough, I left my house a bit earlier (six), because it took me 1.5 hours to get to her house. First thing I noticed was her very cute israeli accent. She of course protested, saying that she had none (later admitting that others notice it, as well :) ) We got to the theater about half an hour before the movie started, so we talked about this and that. What I like a lot is that she's easy to talk to and feel at ease with.

After the movie we went to Anyway Cafe - a cozy, mostly Russian, little place in Brooklyn. I'm trying to come up with something descriptive of what we did in the cafe (besides eat& talk), but feelings don't like to form themselves into words.

I'm glad I went. What matters the most is that we clicked, and that I really enjoyed spending time with her. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual :)
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