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misha's and kate's birthday

anna is a great conversationalist.
i can spend hours talking/listening to her and actually enjoy it.
not many people can catch my attention that way.
it's also great that i can disagree with her on something but still be completely fine with it.

had a great day today
got home about half an hour ago?
we were celebrating two of our friends' birthdays in a park in long island. it was more like a beach than a park though, and there was no one there except us.
i avoided swimming because of my.. bleeding toes, but had HUGE amounts of fun playing volleyball. most of the time it was 5 people a team and i think we played like 5 ot 6 games. before this, i almost forgot how much i love playing sports.
around 10pm we all went to a cafe on brighton (actually, a nice place.. unlike most things on brighton). i had a julien and escargot and well, the food wasn't that great.. but i still liked the place, hehe. one of the weighters was amusing.. kept being funny :)
after that i drove boris and max home, then parked next to anna's building and we sat in the car chatting for like 2 hours.

goodnight :)
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