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Sign of the Harvest Goddess

Virgos have been, over the years, the butt of many unfair jokes, based on the misapprehension that theirs is the sign of the 'virgin'. Virgos symbol is, in fact, a harvest goddess - and a more fecund, fertile, abundantly sexual image is hard to imagine. The Harvest Goddess symbolises your great inner creativity - and your natural ability to offer an endless supply of productive ideas.

What makes a Virgo tick?

Virgos are the most remarkably perceptive and creative people. No sign of the zodiac has more insight, intelligence and discrimination. Virgos would easily be the most dangerous and powerful people on the planet were it not for one thing; They can become terribly introverted. Their power of analysis is supposed to be used for the good of humanity and when all that perspicacity is focussed on themselves, they become crippled. It can be so easy for them to gauge the potential ramifications of a given situation that they become too self conscious to control it. Often then, they will leave first moves to those with less foresight than themselves. Their ruling planet is Mercury.


Sign of the Ram

The Ram The Ram is a very energetic creature and so of course are you. You share a similarly excitable, impulsive personality. You are never short of energy, enthusiasm or ebullience for long but, like the creature that symbolises your sign, you must learn to control and curb an impulsive impulse to fight pointless battles.

What makes an Aries tick?

Arians have little time for introversion or social niceties. They take each day as it comes and work hard to make the very most of it. They can be fiery, because they have little affinity with detail and tend to grab a flame thrower to clear what they perceive as undergrowth. A head on approach has it's obvious drawbacks. Most Arians need to master the arts of patience and foresight. This is not easy for a person who feels that there's'no time like the present' (and even that may be a bit too late!) Never down for long, rarely without hope, Arians are dynamic, alert and, when tempered by experience, wise. Their ruling planet is Mars.


The Erupting Volcano

Earth is covered in vegetation which fire can burn. Deep below the earth there's coal and oil, even more substantial fuel for fire. It is easy then, to see why Fire people are drawn to Earth people. They provide constant psychological fuel for the fiery person to consume. Why though, should an Earth person fancy a Fire person? Where's the advantage in getting together with someone who will take all you've got to give and come back for more? The Earth person is understandably cautious. But the Earth person does have a need for fire. You can see this more clearly if you appreciate how sensuous Earth types truly are. They yearn to feel the earth move and nothing makes the earth move more dramatically than an explosion! That's why, if this relationship gets off the ground, it turns out to be such dynamite.

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