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spot interviewed me.

1. Luddites take the country by force, and anything requiring electricity is outlawed overnight. What career would you switch to?

Anything requiring some sort of problem solving. Depends on how far they go. Would there still be small planes? Could I be a skydiving instructor? :). Otherwise, something to do with math, engineering, maybe something with social psychology.

2. What is the worst dream that you can remember having?

I never really had any bad dreams or nightmares. + I don't remember my dreams well. There was one I had not long ago where I was in an airport-like building, and some men(terrorists?) filled it with a gas that made everyone lose consciousness (except me, because I hid somewhere, and then pretended that I was unconscious too). Then, when everyone awoke, they became zobies that obeyed every command of these men. I woke up when the men realized that I wasn't like one of their zombies.

3. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

It depends on too many factors: how well I finish school, how lazy I am about my resume, how lazy I am about other things. But in my hopes I invision a future where I'm living with someone I love, with one or two children, with a job I enjoy (anything to do with computers, possibly a few other things). It doesn't matter where I live, I'm not picky about places just as long as it's not a dirty modern ghetto :)

4. How do you eat sushi? Specifically, what technique do you use?

My filipina friend taught me how to hold chop sticks, so it's slightly different from how others hold them. I don't have any specific style. Sometimes I like pouring soy sauce right on top of the sushi. Sometimes I don't want any wasabi, sometimes I do. 99% of the time I eat the ginger after I finish everything, because at some point in time I heard that it's used to kill the fish smell, and that's what I got used to. 99% of the time I put the whole sushi in my mouth, instead of biting off pieces, %1 of the time, when I'm not that hungry, I just take out whatever's inside :)

5. If you were called upon to hack the Gibson (hack the planet!), what virus would you use?

lol.. people use viruses to hack? ;) Actually, I don't know that much about viruses. When I was younger I used to want to write one.. But I'd probably be too chicken to let it out. Also, I don't really like causing harm. But since you phrased the question as you did - of course I'd use the Leonardo da Vinci virus :p

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