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DADD (Dating Attention Deficit Disorder)

A common disorder in which the other partner of a pair "dating" or spending time together whom are mutually attracted to each other but can not commit or make definitive decisions on what they want or expect from the other party. Quite common in the age range of 18 - 24 for both males and females.

Side effects of condition:
A feeling of vast confusion on the part of the opposite party involved with DADD. Creates a lack of formation of meaningful relationships which may lead to ISADD, ICSLUT, NTTTD, IJARD if not treated efficiently.

Some possible treatments to this disorder include:

  • The partner which is witnessing this disorder should call the other partner out on it (may have adverse reactions however and cause FOCD to occur instead of DADD)

  • Dating others in similar social circle to illustrate need for correction of DADD to other party. (Reported to cause IJARD in some case studies)

  • Walking away from entire situation (Reported to cause ISADD to occur in non DADD party occasionally)

  • Becoming the Y member of the relationship and thus becoming DADDY to other party (Known to cause TMTD on occasion)

  • SEX (Known to cause FOCD, ISAD, NTTTD, IJARD, TMTD, ICSLUT in extreme levels quite rapidly; proceed with caution)

  • Abstinence (Known to cause ISADD, SBD)

  • Buying the other party going though DADD expensive gifts (May cause NTTTD, SBD, ICSLUT)

  • Doing nothing but keeping your options open and keeping in a positive, fun mood (Most effect treatment, no known adverse reactions other then IJARD on occasion due to the fact that the DADD party loses the other non DADD party to a new non DADD partner)

Similar known disorders:
FOCD (pronunciation: Fuk'D) (Fear of Commitment Disorder)
ISADD (Insane Loneliness and Depression Disorder)
NTTTD (Not Thinking Things Through Disorder)
SBD (Stupid Blond Disorder; occurs in both males and females)
IJARD (Insane Jealousy and Rage Disorder)
TMTD (Too Much Time Together Disorder)
ICSLUT (I Can't Stand Loving U Too Disorder)
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