Valera (valera) wrote,

today was a good day

at first, i didn't feel like getting out anywhere
i got pretty stoned last night and was still a bit out of it in the morning.
but.. i got out anyway, and had a great time with luba

i briefly got to see her apt. it's bright (read: easily penetrable by sunlight) and neat. more people should have places like this :)

we quickly left for marine park with our rollerblades and a frisbee in the trunk

did a few loops around the park while making fun of the way luba blades. sat a bit on a bench and provided examples to the young kids on how to appropriately make out in public.

got the frisbee and threw it to each other for a while. it was mostly throwing though, and not that much catching. :)

dirtied our clothes in the grass a bit

went to a sushi restaurant and got a huge wooden boat with some sushi and loads of sashimi

drove back to lubas and amazingly enough, parted in less than 3 minutes :)

then i spent a bit sitting in traffic on west side highway. in the morning there was traffic only going to brooklyn, in the evening it was only coming from brooklyn. apparently, higher forces like giving me time to think over my day while the car is parked in the middle of some highway.

welp, work tomorrow. hopefully i won't procrastinate too much with getting things taken care of.
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