Valera (valera) wrote,

oh god
some of my coworkers are so stupid

this guy was posting newspaper articles into a database, and was getting an error
so he called me up (i own the database) and started asking how to fix it
it took me like 10 tries to ask him what the title of the article was

"what's the title?"
"uh, i'm not sure what you mean..."
"the title of the article.. the headline!"
"you mean, like the last part of the link?"
"um... no, you know, like 'Mets win the series!!!"?"
"oh.. i don't know.. huh?"

and on and on and on...

EDIT: the guy was trying to enter a two-line headline into a textbox that only accepts 1 line, so it kept cutting off the second line. he wasn't realizing this and was submitting the thing with half of the headline cut off. of course, when he didn't see the full headline show up in the database, he would re-enter the data again, obviously, with the same result. only now the database would tell him to fsck off, because it doesn't allow duplicate entries.
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