Valera (valera) wrote,

had an awesome hang out with Alina

watched Bruce Almighty for the second time, because she hasn't seen it before. it was really cute how hard she was laughing at some moments.

then started looking for a restaurant to have dinner at.. drove down to hoboken, didn't find anything, came back up to edgewater and dined at a new (for us) japanese restaurant at the mitsuwa mall. Alina liked it. i thought it was so-so. not any better than the rest of the japanese places i've been to. though, definitely very beautiful interior design and a great view of the hudson river (even if the windows were reflecting everything on the inside).

after that we still didn't feel like going home, so we went down to palisade park right next to George Washington Bridge. i've never been to the park (didn't even know it was there). we had A LOT of fun. the great thing about the park is that at multiple places, you can come out to the cliff right over the hudson river & right next to GWB. the view is simply spectacular. i felt very bad about not having a camera with me. i definitely will have it the next time.
after the cliff we went to walk around some more at the park and found a very dark spot (well, it was midnight..) which had a creepy looking tiny wooden house/cottage, a camp fire, and a bunch of other creepy things which were basically in the middle of nowhere.. we both jokingly thought that there could be some killer bums sleeping inside.. and decided to retreat :)

so yeah, Alina won't be long in NY. hopefully i'll get to spend more time with her before she leaves to St. Petersburg. she's great for having deep convos with :)
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