Valera (valera) wrote,

Keep your fscking distance!

People/Americans have a problem. Keeping distance is simply unimaginable for them. Before today, I thought that this was an issue only with driving. It's no news that people constantly tailgate. But as it appears-the problems exists outside the car, as well.

I was walking into a deli this morning to get my usual carrot juice fix when I had to take a step (a small step, I assure you) back to let a guy out (the entrance already had a line of people through it). I heard a loud "MY GOD!!!" scream behind me and felt something lightly touch my back. It was a woman in her 30's with an angry look on her face like I was public enemy #1. I started apologizing right away to try to calm her down a little before she'd burst with the coffee she was carrying; but alas, nothing worked. I just said fsck it, paid for my juice, and went to work.

Why would you walk so close behind someone as to not be able to stop if need be, but instead walk right into this person with the friggin cup of coffee that you're carrying?

Actually, I'm fine with accidents. I mean.. people learn.. sometimes. What pissed me off is that she had the nerve to be angry about it as if I knew she was behind me and was running backwards, trying to bump her cup with my back.
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